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The breadth and flexibility of Vi-Chem's elastomeric product line yields solutions optimized for creativity and your applications. Our customized thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are polymers that combine the processing economics of thermoplastics with the mechanical properties, look and feel of thermoset rubbers. When combined with 2 shot molding and overmolding, both softness and structure are possible in your designs.

Sevrene® Styrenic Block Copolymers (TPE-S, SBC’s, SEBS, SEPS, SEEPS)

These triblock elastomers are very versatile and the most widely used. For example, the percentage of hard end blocks can be varied to change stiffness. Similarly, the center segments can be changed in length and type to enhance resistance to heat, ozone and uv, or reduce cost. This family is the softest type available and has the best haptics for enhancing touch and feel in use. Processing ease allows for the optimal combination of performance and productivity.

Cerberon Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPE-V, TPV, DVA, MEA)

These alloyed elastomers have a continuous phase of plastic (usually polypropylene) in which is dispersed very small particles of vulcanized rubber (usually EPDM). The addition of high levels of rubber expand use temperature, and the family has been designed with ease of processing in mind. This family also exhibits good heat aging and very good flex-fatigue.

Uravin Specialty Alloy (TPE-U, MEA)

With excellent colorability, this family provides scuff resistance plus excellent retention of properties at cold temperature.

Oleflex Thermoplastic Olefin (TPE-O, TPO)

Blends of polypropylene (hard phase) with a ethylene-propylene rubber (soft phase) compounded with additive packages. Good cost/performance balance for flexible to semi-rigid parts.

Flexovin & V-Series Vinyl (PVC)

The flexible compounds offer a good balance of elastomeric properties that are color matched or easily colorable. Stabilized for use in tooling with hot runners, pre-colored grades with low (<2) to high (>90) gloss levels are available, tested and approved to hundreds of OEM specifications. Rigid compounds are available where higher modulus is needed.

ViChem makes thermoplastics for your world. ViChem makes thermoplastics for your world. ViChem makes thermoplastics for your world.

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