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Common Uses by Industry

Automotive & Transportation
Interior Soft-Trim
Cup Holders & Bin Mats
Modular Window Encapsulation
All-Weather Floor Mats
Gaskets, Boots & Grommets
Door & Window Seals
Body Side Moldings
2-Shot Air Inlet Panel Seals
Soft Touch Grips (Tools, Sporting Goods, Personal Care Toothbrushes/Razors/Hair Brushes, Writing Instruments, Housewares, Toys)
Small & Large Appliances
Lawn & Garden Equipment
Pool & Spa Components
Pet Care
Material Handling Wheels, Diaphragms & Belts
Personal Protective Masks, Ear Plugs & Equipment
Livestock & Farm Equipment
Closures & Packaging
Food & Beverage Lids, Seals & Liners
Dispensing Tips & Tubes
Infant Care Products
Building & Construction
Window Glazing
Office Furniture
Door & Vent Seals
Expansion Joints
Roofing Accessories
Electronic & Electrical
Protective Cases
Computer Peripherals
Communication & Power Cable Plugs, Connectors, Jacket & Insulation
Business Machine Handles
Medical & Pharmaceutical
Syringe Tips
Dropper Bulbs
Tubing & Drug Delivery
Emergency Response & First Aid
Diagnostic Instruments & Test Kits
ViChem makes thermoplastics for your world. ViChem makes thermoplastics for your world. ViChem makes thermoplastics for your world.

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