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About ViChem

About Vi-Chem


A values-driven organization committed to maximizing our core competencies of providing manufacturing solutions in plastics on a global basis–to better serve our customers, employees, stockholders and communities.


Our mission is to excel as a value-added supplier of plastic products which strengthen the competitive positions of our customers.

Core Values

Everything we do will be measured by how well it serves our customers, our employees, and our communities.

Our customers are entitled to world class quality products backed by personal service which meets or exceeds their expectations.

Our employees are recognized and rewarded for creativity, innovation and participation which mutually benefits our customers and our companies.

Our work habits, ethics, personal behavior and involvement will benefit our customers, fellow employees and communities.

We will provide our employees with the training, support, technology and encouragement not only to succeed, but to excel.

We will be investing aggressively in developing new materials, new products, new processes and innovations. We will do this to meet the changing needs of our customers and assure our competitive position in the markets we serve. We recognize that our growth as companies is dependent upon our ability to practice these principles while providing a return to our shareholders that would encourage them to continue investing in our enterprises.

ViChem makes thermoplastics for your world. ViChem makes thermoplastics for your world.


Vi-Chem Corporation
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